Asbestos Consulting Services

Qualified Engineers
H.A. Bader Consultants, Inc., is licensed by the New York Department of Labor to perform asbestos consulting services. Our staff of engineers is individually certified in the asbestos field as follows:

  • United States EPA—AHERA Inspectors, and Management Planners.
  • New York State DOL—Air Sampling Technicians and Asbestos Inspectors.
  • New York City DEP—Certified Asbestos Investigators.

Air Sampling and Supervision
During abatement, air testing and project monitoring are performed to assure that work is performed safely and in accordance with regulations.

Lead Inspections - EPA Certified
Lead-based paint and water hazards are identified. Project design, air monitoring, and supervision are performed for lead abatement.


Other Environmental Services

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a serious environmental health issue. The EPA says many office buildings have significant air pollution sources. OSHA has stated that 30% of buildings have IAQ problems and the number of employees potentially affected is 21 million.

Unacceptable IAQ affects businesses through reduced worker productivity, increased employee absenteeism, increased insurance costs, increased operational costs and increased liability and exposure to litigation.


General Approach

H. A. Bader Consultants examines IAQ conditions in the affected area of a building by utilizing investigative and monitoring techniques established by professional organizations and government agencies and fine-tuned by our extensive experience. H. A. Bader Consultants utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to IAQ surveys, evaluating both environmental parameters, building construction and systems (e.g., ventilation). H. A. Bader Consultants examines both health and comfort aspects of indoor air quality.


Mold Testing

H. A. Bader Consultants uses only microbial analytical laboratories which have certification in the American Industrial Hygiene Association=s (AIHA) Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) program.

We uses the US EPA AMold Remediation in Schools & Commercial Buildings@, and the New York City Department of Health AGuidelines on Assessment & Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments@ as a template for performing microbial work, with some adaptations for the specific conditions in the building.

We perform a thorough visual survey, which may include sampling, and also utilizing moisture meters to assess the extent, if any, of fungi (mold) contamination at a property. If necessary, several types of microbial air and surface sampling techniques can be employed. The sampling can determine if microbial contamination is present, and if so to what extent. The testing is often necessary to better define the scope of microbial remediation which may be required.